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Post  Keomai on Sun Jul 20, 2008 12:46 am

Back in the years of medieval times on Earth, people roamed slaying ‘witches’ and running around with an entire religious outbreak, and the basic look back of the holiday Halloween, there was something that people on earth didn’t know. A completely separate world, yet all in the same, existed. A dimension that held all of the things human’s ever once dreamt of. All the fantasies that people think are only real in the story books.

Shoe rides FlipFlop down a trail, his tribe now far behind him. Fawsew planted firmly on his shoulder. The footsteps of this journey have left many comical and dangerous encounters in his wake so far, but he obviously is no where even near beginning. The small band travels in an awkward silence, and where as Fawsew lazily stares into space, and FlipFlop seemed at ease with the quietness, Shoe is utterly disturbed by it. He attempts to start some sort of conversation, or movement.
Keomai was stranded near a river, arms crossed, foot tapping. You'd think the girl would be fascinated by the beautiful landscape around her, but irritation filled her face. Smoke was rising from beside a tree. Finally her patience broke. "Klitch..." She muttered, tapping her foot faster. A small creature, fixated over the smoking object looked up. "Where... ARE WE?!"

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