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Post  Keomai on Sun Jul 20, 2008 1:51 am

Take this skeleton and fill it out and soon coming there will be a forum called "Characters" When that comes up, be sure to save and post the filled out skeleton to there so that if anyone needs a ref sheet to your character, they can easily find it. As far as Races go, pretty much anything works. Be sure to PM me a copy of your filled out skeleton so I can read over it and approve it. if there's anything that needs to be changed I'll either change it myself if its small, and inform you, or remove your character submission until you find something suitable.

(your name here)

XxCharacter’s namexX
(speaks for itself.)

(anything goes.)

(boy/girl/hard to tell.)

(just about anything; needs to be approved by me. (keomai))

xIf your character is taken, state who it is they’re taken by. This will help other characters to not falsly get involved. x
(Taken, Single, Gay, Lesbian)

XxTell me a little about your characterxX
(Background, life story, etc.)

XxWhat does your character look like?xX
(Eye color, hair color, usual outfitting, height weight, etc.)

XxFive things your character lovesxX
(Hobbies, treats, food, etc.)

XxFive things your character loathes.xX
(pet peaves, objects, people, etc.)

XxAnything else you want to mention?xX
(whatever you wanna tell us that wasn’t covered in the skeleton, feel free to share!)

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