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Kanehe- the begining Empty Kanehe- the begining

Post  Keomai on Sun Jul 20, 2008 12:06 am

Back in actient medieval times exsisted two dimentions conquoring the planet called earth. Dragons of all elements ruled one demention, worshiped by tribes, where humans lived normal lives on the other side. This story takes place on the side that no one ever told you about in history books. Seven dragons ruled this newly discovered dimention: earth wind water ice thunder lightning and fire. Since the begining of time all the dragons worked together. Water and fire worked together to create new land. Then the real tasks began. Life. A seed was told to have fallen from heaven, a gift from above. The wind dragon caught this seed on its drift, bringing it to the other dragons. The earth dragon planted it. The water dragon gave it nutristious water and nurtured it, and soon the tree grew. Thunder and lighting created storms spreading offspring of this new baby tree around, creating more life. This tree grew and grew over years to become the largest tree of all. All dragons were happy but one. The fire dragon. He was infuriated that there was nothing he could do to help. Fire only brought distruction. This anger consumed the dragon, and soon a new foe was born. Evil had come into the world. Soon enough mankind came about, tribes began to build, and now, in a small tribe off in the southern territories lived Shoe, one of the main characters of our story.

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